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Use & Care Instructions

Caution! Box will be hot!

  1. Prepare your meal using tray with lid or tin foil.  Do not put food directly in Pack ‘n’ Heat. Two trays will fit inside.
  2. For quickest heating time preheat Pack ‘n’ Heat to a temperature between 300º and 350º (place near turbo).
  3. Place tray with food inside Pack ‘n’ Heat.  Always wear leather gloves or oven mitts when handling Pack ‘n’ Heat.
  4. Close cover, secure latch and safety cable before heating  (keep away from moving parts).
  5. Heat food for approximately 30-60 minutes to reach the desired temperature of 160º (place near turbo).
  6. Due to variation in placement and equipment, heating time may vary.
  7. Using oven mitts or leather gloves, remove food tray from Pack ‘n’ heat.

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